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Simon’s ABC

  • F = FineAsFuck Fierce

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this is for all the independent ladies

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Donghae demonstrating his Chinese pickup lines on Han Geng.

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Artist: Daehyun
Title: 120914 mubank
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F(x) for SPAO.

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when the skies and the ground were one of legends, a war began between two powers unknown to the human race. warriors fought the twelve forces; the chosen ones, they’d say. the ones that would end the planet before our eyes. and fight they did - for a while. but the world grew silent and darker. a vicious circle started to lurk in the shadows of the cities. not black, but red shadows that meant the end of warriors and forces alike. legend said there’s a higher power, one that can bring light again, one that unites them all under one single unit - for the shadows could only be extinguished if the two powers stand under the same sky and on the same ground.

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Dalmatian 'That Man Opposed' era

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